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1964 Bibliography of Adventure: Mundy, Burroughs, Rohmer, Haggard - Bradford M. Day
1984 Last Adventurer:The Life of Talbot Mundy, 1879-1940 - Peter Berresford Ellis, Donald M. Grant
2005 Talbot Mundy, Philosopher of Adventure - by Brian Taves
  1983 Talbot Mundy, Messenger of Destiny - by Donald M. Grant
1925 Tros of Samothrace
  1929 Queen Cleopatra
  1935 Purple Pirate
  1925 Helene
  1925 Liafail
  1925 Helma
1936 Allah's Peace
1924 The Caves of Terror (variant title The Gray Mahatma)
  1932 C.I.D.
  1926 The Devil's Guard (variant title Ramsden)
  1934 The Gunga Sahib
1921 Guns of the Gods
  1918 Hira Singh's Tale
  1931 The Hundred Days
1922 Jimgrim, Moses, and Mrs. Aintree
  1931 Jimgrim Sahib
1936 Allah's Peace
  1932 Jungle Jest
  1933 The King in Check (variant title Affair in Araby)
1916 King of the Khyber Rifles
  1932 The Lion of Petra
    The Lost Trooper
      The Marriage of Meldrum Strange
  1935 The Mystery of Khufu's Tomb
  1923 The Nine Unknown
  1924 Om: The Secret of Ahbor Valley
    The Red Flame of Erinpura
  The Seventeen Thieves of El-Kalil
1917 The Winds of the World
  1924 The Woman Ayisha
  1930 Black Light
1934 Caesar Dies
1929 Cock o' the North
1935 East and West
1920 The Eye of Zeitoon
  1935 Full Moon (variant title, There Was a Door)
1923 Her Reputation
1947 I Say Sunrise
1917 Trek East: The Ivory Trail
1932 When Trails Were New
1931 W. H.: A portion of the record of Sir William Halifax
1914 Rung Ho!
1940 Old Ugly Face
  1937 The Thunder Dragon Gate
1932 All Four Winds: Four Novels of India (omnibus)
1924 In a Righteous Cause: Talbot Mundy in Adventure (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 3)
1924 The Letter of His Orders: Three Short Novels from Adventure (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 4)
1924 Love and War: The Battles of Billy Blain (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 5)
1936 Romances of India (omnibus)
1924 A Soldier and a Gentleman (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 7)
1924 The Soul of a Regiment (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 2)
1924 The Sword of Iskander (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 6)
1920 Told in the East (short stories)
1911 A Transaction in Diamonds: Talbot Mundy in the Pulps (Talbot Mundy Library, vol 1)
1939 The Valiant View (short stories)
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